the water of life accepts many flips and turns



Five lives:



Volunteer in library


Student toward PhD


I am given actual props

Toward these dreams in my life

And I know

The more research I do into them

The better chance I have

At contributing to the world scheme


I am amazed by what I think

“writing as survival”

“work on editing!”

“learn how to publish”


I did not know I had such concrete

Thoughts about the craft of writing

Until this hour and more long conversation

With a professional who knew how to

Draw me out


My steps toward healing

After a profoundly painful time

That led me to resign my very first

Foray into the work world are continuing….


Now I want to investigate

New ways to rejoin


Just as a bruise slowly

Dissolves into the background

Of my skin

So too does my healing

Blend into my newfound life


I cannot wait to find out:

What will I be when I grow up?

poet extraordinaire, and husband of surreal compassion and love

More haiku? Yes. From my husband


I shared my post to WordPress tonight with my husband.  He responded in kind.  He wrote two haikus about me, and two about our beloved dog, Maddie.

So, here is my first “Guest Post!”

About Me:

Adrift on the sea

Salt water can’t quench my thirst

Rain from sky- Amy

Darkness to the light

Wonderful new beginning

Amy to Amy

About Maddie:


A past we will never know

Is our love enough?

They often leave me

Alone, scary sounds afraid

Home now-contentment

Guest Author: Steven L. Blair, teacher by day, poet by night

look down? or just look ahead.  either way beauty like this picture is around

One haiku, two haiku becomes a poem of haikus


I was inspired by another’s haiku on WordPress tonight, so started randomly writing some.  After the first, I was interested in the topic of my Tightrope haiku.  So I flowed with it!  It was a really enjoyable challenge.  Something I intend to return to again.

I am given gifts.

I have never deserved them.

Yet I cherish them.

Fighting for balance

Walking the tightrope with hope

Never found the ground

I don’t know myself

When I look where I might fall

I will never call

Yet phone soundless and

tightrope bitterly tight and

deceiving I look

I find nothing in

my heart that will let me go

to a safer place


the experiment


It’s Saturday night and I love the feeling of being buttressed by Friday and Sunday. A freedom exists in the middle of these two days where I can recoup Friday’s excess.  Sunday is a little painful in its proximity to Monday. So. Saturday is the winning day in my mind.

I have to present myself to someone and I have no idea how I will seem. This person’s impression of me will effect my future quite dramatically. I’ve been practicing in my head what I’ll say. I, of course, have written exactly what I want to say. Complete with a stunning metaphor. Schrodinger’s cat. I had to check Google first to make sure I had my comparison correct.

I will remain nebulous about this event in my life. Maybe I’ll be a different person if it all goes well. Undoubtedly, I will be as transparently opaque as always.

I really love the concept of Schrodinger’s cat. My contention is that regardless of the results of the experiment, the cat exists.

And, regardless of the meeting’s result, I will be all right.

exercise is the best!



I was driving away from the Y this morning, and “Do that to me one more time” came on Sirius. I sang that song for my voice teacher as a high schooler. Today I thought the memory of that cohered well with how I felt. I felt like I wanted to do Body Pump LOTS more times! I don’t at this time belong to the Y. However, my mom does, and she gave me a guest pass to try this awesome class. I really would like to do Body Pump a lot more. It uses weights to condition your body. Combined with the stretching and the cardio, this is truly the gem of a class. I will have to talk to my husband about finances.

I will play pickle ball tomorrow for a couple hours, and then do a cardio class at mom’s tennis club. I am loving this!

Exercise is so freeing. I feel more solid about myself. More confident. A 360 change from where I was at the end of November.

This is a case where exercise offers “good” change. And I intend to continue any which way I can!!!!

it allows much thought and comfort

When I sit


When I sit

Though my body sways to throw

On a coat and walk outside

When I sit,

Sometimes I figure

Out more in my flighty

Movements from the chair,

To send off an email,

Or make a call,

And even, receive a call.

When I sit

The world is at my feet.

I am not running after

Anything. Good things come to

Me; waiting, thinking, in my chair.