an honor to have this award!

A Nomination!


Aquileana nominated me for the Very Creative Blogger Award!

I am very honored.  She writes that I should suggest some others for this award.

SO, although I do not have LINKS to these esteemed writers I would like to at least name some.

  1. AB
  2. Leonard Durso
  3. johnpoetflanagan
  4. geo.kalpataru
  5. Translations from the English
  6. Off the Cuff’s Poetry Sleeve
  7. Poem & Poemes

There are so many other excellent writers out there, but I thought I’d give a shout out to some that really excel, in my opinion.

Thanks again, Aquileana!


the magic curse

Share: a great poem: The magic curse by Bukowski


I just bought a book of Charles Bukowsi’s: You get so alone at times that it just makes sense.

I found in it a magic poem, which resonated with me.

The magic curse

I never liked skid-row and so I stayed away from the soup

Kitchens, the bloodbanks and all the so-called hand-



I got so god damned thin that if

I turned sidewise it was hard to see my shadow under a

Hard noon sun.


It didn’t matter to me so long as I stayed away from the


And even down there it was a

Successful and unsuccessful


I don’t think I was insane

But many of the

Insane think


But I think


If anything saved me

It was the avoidance of the


It was my




Get me in a room with more than

3 people

I tend to act




I once

Even asked my wife: look, I must be

Sick… perhaps I ought to see a



Christ, I said, he might cure me

And then what would I



She just looked at me and we forgot the




always try, even if forces sway you



Tour de force

Run to the restroom

Clink don’t call

My horse rides on more

Unparalleled action

In remorse of the choice

To force a thing to fly

Why buy lite when you can

Drink Guinness?

The feeling is mutual

When mottled mauled and drunk

Dammit no need to fly

To get by

Get off your horse so high

Deign touch the ground

Lie to me


Let me buy my life back

I don’t fly

I try

Til I die

Don’t let me run

Just lie

a Work in Progress

The Rock Garden

need more rock!

need more rock!

My husband and I completed our rock garden project with great happiness and satisfaction.

I love getting my hands in the dirt and planting.  I tried my hand at succulents.  But those two pots, we shuttled into the house, where they are now safe from all the rain that occurs around here.

Now we can sit all summer and watch the rock garden change.  Especially since we planted four “creeper” plants that will cover the rock, ostensibly.

all our projects are Works in Progress :)

all our projects are Works in Progress :)

living at the library!

I. Pre Med–a bit of a book I’m working on….


Cadence hopped on the bus with a laundry bag as big as herself slung over her shoulder. Although she did not view herself as unrealistic she was traveling from the South Side of Chicago to her extended family’s home in Lake Bluff. Bus, then train; with a huge laundry bag in tow.

She also had her books to study. Since she was pre-med, she always had to study things beyond her actual abilities. She thought it was worth it though, since she wanted to be a psychiatrist. All through high school, she studied and wrote and planned on learning more about the human brain.

Upon her return to the University of Chicago, laundry clean, books still heavy, Cadence felt invigorated. Seeing family always made her feel more connected to the world. Her aunt Clarice had welcomed her and took her to her favorite pizza place in Lake Bluff.

Her phone rang, jarring the quiet of her dorm room.
“Hey honey just checking to make sure you made it home safe.”
“Yes I did Clare thanks so much for everything!”
“OK, Caden, have a good week at school. Don’t study too hard!”
“I will, Clare! Love ya.”
Someone was knocking on her dorm door. She hung up the phone, and yelled,
“It’s me, Matt, Caden.”
“C’mon in, Matt!”
He sat down on the bed, moving the big bag of clean laundry over.
“Caden, I can’t finish my Calculus. I partied too hard last night and can’t even focus.”
“Huh,” said Caden. “Well mine’s done. I did it in Lake Bluff.”
“Awesome,” said Matt.
“But you owe me,” said Caden.
“Great… another tennis match?” Matt offered.
“It’s a deal,” said Caden.

The next morning, Caden followed her typical routine. She was up at 5:30 A.M., got ready, grabbed a bagel out of the cafeteria she both worked in and hated. She merely hated it because she disliked the idea of eating out of a trough, and that’s what eating at the cafeteria seemed like to her. Mass choices of food, all threatening her attempts to stay slim.

She left the cafeteria quickly and headed to Chemistry. It was a big class. A weeding out class, everyone knew. Her friend Kate sidled next to her in the large amphitheater.
“Hey how was Lake Bluff?” said Kate.
“Oh, great, thanks,” said Caden.
“I’ll come with you one of these times, Caden, it’s just that I had to study hard on my Biology course. It was me and my Bio book all night Saturday night.”

Kate intended to be a scientist of some kind, she just wasn’t sure what direction her classes would take her. She envied Caden her ability to have a burning desire to attain her goal of psychiatry.

After class, Caden went to the Seminary bookstore and just looked at all the beautiful books. There was a church nearby and Caden wanted to just sit in it, and take in the quiet after once again feeling like all the Chemistry equations, and logic behind them, was beyond her. Although her family reared Caden in Catholicism, Caden did not feel compelled to practice. Her studies would replace that. However, visiting the many beautiful different churches on the U Chicago campus gave Caden ease of mind.

words cloud that describes memories and writing

Expression and Creation


Pushing inside me

I’ve never been pregnant
Never will.

But the words!
Just 26?
How can I curb
My screaming desire
To emit
In the written word?

These thoughts
These poems

I push them out,
In a way,
But they are no

They are creations
Of my mind, and I’ll never let them go.

Before I could form coherent sentences,
My first “baby”
Was a German Dictionary.

I would make scribbles in it,
And feel ever so astute
To have such a gift

Now, some 30 years later,
I still assume
A secret society
Of words.

I try to honor them
But never control them!