love it!

What is sacred?


What is sacred?

I ask nature permission.
I wish to honor it.
Maybe to interpret it.
Elegiac? Sonnet? Free verse?
The last of the three.

I thank God for thee.
I sit in the sun
Listen to the throb
Of insects singing their
Tune. I learn much in
The relative silence,
When and only when I can
Lose myself.

I see the growing willow.
I bless my time with it.
It will grow much beyond
The time I will be
Here. Dusk is beautiful
As Nature enters a
New phase. Closing down
After a day of sun,
Or rain. The weather
Is variable and can be
Fierce. Nothing is

read, write, drink vats of tea and dirty chai!

looking back: a railing


I was reading in my older files,
And I wrote in January of 2015
That writing is like walking with
A railing

I still agree with that assessment

I have a railing that allows me
To find things about myself

With certainty


It’s on the screen, or on the paper tablet

I love it

hide, hope! hide



If I were more aware
Of the subtext of my
Hopes, pinned politely
Under the tallest
Sketch of a cloud in the

My hopes, ethereal
As they should be

Were I more aware, I would
Die. Not worth living,
Knowing the infinite.
I keep my hopes pinned, hidden, lost.

on the breaking surface of the water, or lower, deeper, more safe

soul knitting


So much can change.
I am too often with
The waves on the top of the ocean. Stirring,
Worried. Sometimes a day
Will come along and I will
Feel much lower than the ocean’s surface. I
Will feel stillness, a
Silence of the soul. I
Treasure these days, when
I’m not aware of
Myself—when I’m free from surface
Worry. And my soul?
I do not know how it
Knits me back together.

with love



I have done many dumb

To that, add the many
More Things I have
Bought, and discarded, or

But I still have a

Of real Love that holds me

And, as well, a

Of real tumultuous Thought at times.

So, I balance the
Love with the Thought;

And let myself walk away from
What my mind is telling me.

I lean similarly :)



posture is so pure
I walk
Meandering into my mind
Somewhat aware of what
Cracks to avoid

And then

As my personal trainer
Throw your shoulders back
Tighten your gut
Straighten your head

I try

The gut part
Always :
A fail


When I run,
My posture comes to me

It is with walking
That I forget.

Sweet forgetfulness.