i want!

a cat


a cat

through my

i have a black


think a
black cat
would be a great companion!

but, there is the bills, the vet, the shedding

ah me.

all for want
of a black cat

like birds in a tree, thoughts

the fractal and the distillate


the amazing thing
is the fractal* and the distillate**

in the fractal all exists simultaneously
in the distillate just one thing is real


as convoluted as each humans’ brain.

it amazes me

that so many beliefs and ethos
exist and it saddens me that
there’s not an overarching
belief or ethos that says–

ALL thoughts are to be respected

*never ending pattern ** something concentrated

sleep or ? what's in the box?

one more time


It started with a choice.
I went back to bed.

Then I felt that I had failed the test
Of being a good wife

I just turned my head
This morning

But time
And forgiveness

Moved me on to

Where I listen to Keith Jarrett

Where I write

Where I have exercised today

Now is good

I like how you accept

poet extraordinaire, and husband of surreal compassion and love

As one year follows two


As one year follows two
So shall my love for you

I never thought I’d find true love
In a place that rejected me

In a place I had to leave

But we met in this nefarious place
And I will never regret what I learned there

Because I would never know enough
About you without my library experience in that school

You, who are a teacher extraordinaire, I know
Because I’ve seen you make a difference in the students’ reading scores
and more importantly their happiness

You care

I care more for you each day
As I learn your ways

I never thought I would find a “vegetable” love
One that grows and fulfills

Yet I’ve made a fence with you
Gone to obedience class for our Labradoodle Maddie with you
(not that it really worked?)
We’ve made huge joint decisions
About my life style
And I look forward to growing and changing
With you

You are my leg
For you I stand

You are my arm
For you I write

You are my heart
For you I love


writing (lack of), tennis, punching and kicking


Different jobs that attacked my husband and I in June, denied me my avocation of writing. I was not able to give the time to writing as I usually do.

Granted, we have some really good things done for our house and finances.

But I hope to return to writing with gusto!

Because things are slowing down now, July is around the bend…. Tasks remain, but whole days won’t be swallowed.

Today was really special because I played tennis with new shoes that are more pliant (NIKE brand), and my calf did not go out on me for the whole lesson.

So I play again tomorrow, and I am really looking forward to it.

In the meantime of June days, my husband and I also invested in a punching bag that sets on the floor. It’s really awesome.

So I’ve been punching, kicking AND, now I’m playing tennis!

Life could not be better.

I really had a time in my life: about November 2014, where I thought I would never exercise again.

I love (and hate) the twists and turns of fate.

the semicolon--so perfect a description

to err





obtusely explaining my myopic
my human my ability to err

and why?

because I am more careful than many
because I care more about what I do than what people think of me

because I need to recompense those I love with the best person I can be
even though many misunderstand

what will I find?



oh what to seek?


what lies interior
lies dormant

so write it

cannot write equality

or even


what image what metaphor

could capture

the absence and presence of equality

or maybe the hope for
being treated as an equal, and
with respect

does not exist

and why?

too archaic a concept?

too vague an image?

maybe one can only
hold dormant
the flotsam and jetsam
of the mind

why write
fighting seems
to be
the new way?

I do not know.
But I will unearth the dormant
and set my thoughts
looking toward equality.