John O’Donohue, writer and scholar, on duality *


I have often thought that something is either “good” or “bad” and that thinking makes it so. (from Shakespeare’s Hamlet)

But O’Donohue believes that “being” is within us—and aspects that are made dual, like soul/sense, God/human, memory/possibility are separated in the mind. There are actually no barriers when you keep imagination alive.

Imagination transcending our broken, categorical thought: Now that’s exciting!

With those thoughts to ponder, I offer O’Donohue’s comment:

“It’s strange to be here. The mystery never leaves you.”

• all material derived from podcast with John O’Donohue.

a doubloon, of sorts



Ya stay awake for long enough
Ya get psychotic.

Ya put a doubloon on your eye
Before you die:
Ya crazy

Ya try to understand what the hell
It is ya are
Ya will get lost

Better focus outward

Play games. Color. Converse.
Listen. Love.

Don’t let psychosis take over,
Oh, and, too easy
It can

Keep the doubloons
For another day

Ya will be taken care of

while I’ve been away….


… from WP, I happened to listen (luckily) to a metamorphic (for me) podcast with John O’Donohue. I proceeded to buy three of his books, and find him transcendent!

I had to take notes on his podcast, and one gem I wrote down:

There is a helpless opening to the eternal in all of us. (This apparently, was originally a quote from Heidegger).

I am planning to return to WP now, newly armed with O’Donohue’s thoughts, which I will occasionally share.

I think I can grow and change with WP, and I appreciate the community here.



Clouds scudded the sky
Morphology denied the cause
Of old Abram, due to his
Insistence on blind obedience
When most saw random choices
And connections
Abram saw more in the scudding
Clouds than white or shape or
Abram was damned to be a believer
No light science granted his way
So he walked up the hill
And knelt while the clouds
Sauntered by

let serendipity reign!

stumbled upon


Some writers know the point of their Work in Progress(WIP).

Others take the long route, but nevertheless, will stumble upon the point.

I fall into the latter type of writer.

It is my preference.

I’ve stumbled upon everything important in my life.

-Stumbled into the Lillis family on 7-27-???? (:))
-Stumbled into my future husband at the first school at which I was head librarian, in August 2001.

Huge moments in my life.

And now that I’ve stumbled into a WIP (my very own:)), I am ecstatic!

More details to come.

lipstick and fitbits


What I’ve noticed
Is that my lipstick tubes
Take forever to run out.

If only toilet paper would be
As magically recurring and continuing
To be on the roll.

I wondered what would make me work.
Then I bought a fitbit.

Now I am walking up and down the hallways
Of the house just to reach the next full mile.

Lipstick and fitbits. Magical talismans in my life.