Back to School!


I have read some uplifting “return – to – teaching- after – summer” literature—blogs mostly.  While I do share in the excitement, I worry.  


As a perfectionist who falls short of the mark so often; I nevertheless want, internally, success.  Collaboration, camaraderie, challenge, even! 


I intend to overcome my nights in which I am awake from 11 PM to 2 AM.  These nights my brain is still working overtime for how I can successfully reach that problem student.  Unfortunately my brain persists, while my common sense wants so dearly to sleep through the night so that I perform at school to my best extent. 


Regardless, I look forward to so much this year.  A new principal, we have.  I hope to fulfill my duties I am given and more!  I hope the reward program I’ve started for this year in the library will help me to manage behavior with success. 


It’s a really neat idea too!  My fiancé helped to think of it.  A student who performed with stellar behavior in library the prior week, gets to pop a balloon that following week.  Then that student gets the slip inside the balloon and receives the reward that is on it.  The PTO provides the rewards. 


While I have every hope that behavior management will be even more successful this year—I know the difficulties: students who have had a bad night at home, who are hungry—so many factors beyond my control go into their behavior.  All of which have nothing to do with me as their teacher. 


But, like I said, we have a new principal, with new perspectives.  I have an arsenal of goodies to draw from, including Pinterest (salvation!).  


I know I will be joining a team working together to do the best for the students.  And the staff is filled with awesome talent.  Maybe this year I’ll be able to collaborate more, and if nothing else, spread the love of books!


The students have already all earned a “Blossoming in Books” certificate from me, in our library.  Just to choose books each week that will widen their perspective on the world justifies their expanding literacy. 

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