Unconditional Love and Monday


My instinct to write is driven by my frenetic night of work. My brain is still working after all the stimuli of household chores.


I find out tomorrow if the libraries are funded this year. Hopefully! 


I had one of those horrible Mondays where everything I didn’t plan on, happened. Technical glitches, that have yet to be fixed, new wrinkles in the schedule, no time for getting the basics done (putting books away), due to all the extra/ unexpected problems.


So what do I do?  I come home, and get mad at my fiancé for my horrible day!


I was the wrecking ball to his unwitting self.


I felt horrible.


We are totally fine, now, and he has forgiven me, and love abounds between us. As it always does. He understood me. I am so blessed to have a fiancé who gives such unconditional love.


And this was just Monday!  Whew!  What can possibly happen tomorrow?


I can only hope for the best, pray for the worst. Because if the worst happens, at least I prayed for it!!Image

2 thoughts on “Unconditional Love and Monday

  1. Simply beautiful and true to all who’s ever had this same type of day. Sending you love and positive energies.

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