Hinges on reputation


Reputation hinges on self-perception, while at the same time its definition states it’s “what people think or know about you”.  But how do people know anything about you when everyone is too into their own pain and angst to even notice you?  

I think all this ethereal, atmospheric connotation about who you are exists in passing.  As in, Joe passes Suzy and doesn’t look at her.  Suzy decides she’s useless; that he hates her.  Her self-perception takes a huge downward spiral.  She struggles to continue her day.  

If Suzy doesn’t have anyone to share her thoughts with at work, her feelings and ability to work will be handicapped, if she depends on people like Joe to validate her.  

And that is why Suzy’s self-perception must be strong, confident, and positive.  Because there are too many “Joes” in the workforce.  And Suzy’s reputation would be very suspicious if the way the “Joes” act make her self-concept.  

OK.  All the hypotheticals of Joe and Suzy aside, I struggle with being confident in the workforce.  I grapple with letting my co-workers’ moods determine the happiness of my day.  It is easy to say to “Suzy”: BE CONFIDENT! It is difficult to hold my head up after a self-perceived snub from a co-worker.  

So where is Suzy’s, or my, reputation in all this?  I really believe reputation is based on these interactions in the workforce and how they are dealt with.  If I can’t surmount basic interaction, how can anyone think highly of me?

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