To Post, To be Observed, To Make an Attempt….


I expect to be posting every day in April, in order to participate in a challenge I have learned about.  I am looking forward to that experience greatly.  Unlike posting every day, I have been working on a poem, for a couple days now, and I still find it not quite ready for my blog.  I cannot understand my unwillingness just to post!  Usually my editorial sense does not wield such a strong vibe to me. 


So the poem, while good, lies dormant for now.


However, this week at school has been anything but dormant.  From 7 AM on, I’ve been hustling to get things done!  Whether it’s books put away, or classes checked out (to each student having 2 books), or classes learning about World Book Online and Google and then making comparisons….. all these items and more….. and I’m being observed by my principal in all arenas of my job all WEEK!  So I’ve been amping up my “tune”, unconsciously, trying to outperform myself, whether it’s in the computer lab, the library, or with my RtI bubble students.


Yes, it’s nerve-wracking.  But there is always an element of being watched while working, in my world.  Literally: there are cameras in the library.  So I know that at any time someone easily could be observing me.


Meanwhile, regardless, I have a newly purchased Keurig machine that sustains me through the day. 


And on that note, I think I will finish the Keurig I am currently imbibing (Sleepytime tea), and bid this blog, adieu, for now!


3 thoughts on “To Post, To be Observed, To Make an Attempt….

  1. Good luck for your April challenge and on that poem you’ve been working on for a few days. I know from experience that sometimes it just takes time. I’m sure you’ll get it where you want it.

    • By completely rewriting my poem, and only using the kernel of what I wanted to say from the original overworked poem, I can tell you that the poem is done. Off the shelves. Thanks for the encouragement.

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