Writing vs Sleep


I am writing so much tonight.


A draft for our Wedding Program – it is exciting to see the line up of events that lead me to becoming a wife, an entity of two, no longer single.


I’ve also been agonizing over lesson plans for school, for next year!  Yes! It’s silly. I’m obsessing over what I’ll do, as librarian, with my new incentive programs to promote literacy.  In November I’ll meet with all Kindergarten through Fourth grade students to do a Reader’s Theater.  In April, I’ll be celebrating National Poetry Month with the whole school.  I can’t wait.  I love poetry. 


I’ve been digging into my pockets, really my credit card, to have excellent materials, from Teachers Pay Teachers.  I want my content to really promote a love of reading, performing, and of poetry.


I feel lucky, yet challenged to perform well.

I feel intense, driven about these programs.


I hope I can manage the wedding preparations with my fiancé.  He is a rock for me, helping me so much.


I hope I can manage these two new programs, next year, too.



My parting question?


Will I sleep tonight?


I wonder if I’ll let myself let go of everything for a while. 




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