Tribute to Van Gogh


Quite a phenomenon

To be appreciated and idolized

So long after your desultory life


There are songs about you

Unattainable fees for your transcendent art

Theories on how you came to your end

Did your doctor friend unwittingly

Supply the gun?

Or was there a pity, and intent


Your brother was a good force

Letters exchanged fueling your



But you needed so much more.


Would you have made it

In these times

With schools squelching creativity

With the medications that will

Control behavior and mental

Problems that you may have displayed?


But maybe meds were what you needed?


Your imbalance contributed to your

Anxious amazing art


My heart twists

For you, Van Gogh


Every time I see your


On my wall

6 thoughts on “Tribute to Van Gogh

  1. Aww. A heartfelt, but un-cheesy, ode. I have his Complete Letters (in three volumes)…I remember starving for many weeks because I spent my college allowance on it. But I just had to have it because I so wanted to be privy to his world, and I wanted to know. How many insecure adolescents have sung the Don McLean song to themselves, thinking their plight so tragic and misunderstood? (I am one of them.) You have touched on all that, here, putting soul without too much merely-fodder drama. 😉 Kudos.

      • Ooh! If you plan on buying a copy, look for the boxed set in blue binding, with Starry Night in gold engraving on the spines. That’s what I got and it’s so beautiful, I always feel rich and important whenever I remember that I actually own one. 😉

  2. One of the truly great artists. i used to have a copy of the letters and then made the mistake of lending it..and you know the rest

    • As a school librarian I sometimes get an intuition that a great book will not be returned, based on that student’s track record. But check it out I must. I am sorry you lost your letters, I can relate to the feeling.

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