Are you real? Me, at 16


When I was sixteen I knew I knew nothing about life.  I excelled in my “je n’sais quoi”.  I was of the 80s, and still feel nostalgic over that distinctive 99 Luft Balloons beat, so representative of the time.  I had best friends who I honestly thought came straight out of my Madeleine L’Engle books.  I thought this because I went to a Catholic Junior High, and was bullied.  So when I went to the Public High School, I found friends who would not mistreat me.  I felt blessed!  Like I had just found characters out of my favorite L’Engle books that I read over and over during that time.

2 thoughts on “Are you real? Me, at 16

    • I have to admit, reading has always been an outlet, in fact, refuge for me. Thanks for visiting! I’ll make sure to stop by your page! Happy blogging!

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