You are what you read


The books a person is currently reading tells a lot about that person.  The format they choose to read on also tells a lot.  I am reading 4 books.  Three iBooks, and one book I bought at BAM.  To detail: In Paradise, by Peter Matthiessen, Noggin, by John Corey Whaley, Love Letters to the Dead, by Ava Dellaira, and the book is The Beginning of Everything, by Robyn Schneider.


So one adult book, three YAs.  One real “book”, and three ebooks.  Part of the impetus for this post is my fear that I will no longer read library books.  All the library books I chose, I haven’t read.  They are by the wayside, ready to be returned.  This REALLY concerns me, since I am a librarian.  I am a purveyor of BOOKS!  Real, checked out, drawn in, children’s and juvenile books for a Kindergarten through Grade Four school.  And…. My inclination personally is to shop the iBook store, or browse on my Kindle Fire.


As far as the books themselves, I can’t really explain why I pick up one and then put it down to start or continue another.  I can say when a book has me by the jugular then I just read it to the finish.  I just finished The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry, by Gabrielle Zevin.  That was a whirl of a great book.  Definitely had to finish that sooner than later!


So what do my four books say about me?  What do my predilections for book format say about me?


I’d be curious to read what you think!

3 thoughts on “You are what you read

  1. I completely agree that you are what you read! Because every little bit that you take in whether it is a conversation or from a professor or from a book it is part of your experience. But I also think that you make what you read. Everything about you informs how you interpret what you are reading. So it’s a two way street. Great post!

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