Love List


I’m going to try something a little different for Amy’s Aspirations blog today.  I have often chronicled my day, just journaling.  But WordPress gave me the idea of making a list of what you could write about, so I started making a list tonight.


I have decided to share the whole list!  So it’s part chronicle, part journal, part list.


Bear with me, it was really fun to create!


  1. love my fam
  2. love my new fam (fiancé- Steve, and dog- Maddie the Labradoodle)
  3. progress is positive—and the wedding preparations made a big leap forward today
  4. naps are key—I was exhausted after putting together and addressing the invites
  5. moms are sacred—I couldn’t have done all the prep with the invites without her!
  6. Our dog got groomed today.  She looks so skinny now.  We had let her fur grow long and now she looks like a jaguar—sleek and skinny and black




Lotsa work made easier with mom's help!

Lotsa work made easier with mom’s help!

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