Torn Asunder: to mimic TS Eliot


Mountains are cold

Thunder is dry

It makes such a cold rumbly feeling inside

The faces are thin

They laugh and they hide


When you try to get by

When you look for the rain

All you find in the pain of the thirst in your brain


No one can quench your unquenchable need

To have love to be honest to be good in love and in deed


So what do you do in the mountains’ terrain?

Do you wax do you wane with the feeling that rain

MAY come down MAY come to you MAY leave you out of feeling that blue.


You need rain.  You need color.  You need to be out of the monotony of monochromes and dolor.


So time passes.  The thunder kills.  It warns you of plunder and tears you asunder.


But it indicates.  It indicates your wonder.  You can live in the dry as long as you don’t go under.


Those faces.  The dry.  The color.  That takes you under.

2 thoughts on “Torn Asunder: to mimic TS Eliot

  1. Thanks! I listen to music often, when I write. Helps me focus. That might contribute to lyrical thought:))))

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