A raisin in the sun? Hope springs eternal


There’s not much to do for it.  My consistent contradiction of requiring sleep and yet awaking at 11 PM and wanting to do nothing other than write plagues me.  And I am now writing at 11 PM, unfettered by any desire to sleep.  I am not one to lie on the bed and feign or wish for sleep.  I do what occurs naturally.


As my friend said tonight, “Your Great American Novel can still happen, just not NOW!”  I agree with her totally.  I have a book in me that requires expression.   And I believe everyone has a book in them, waiting to be told.


However, I’m working; needing a high level of focus during the day.  This need negates my pursuit of my writing goals.  Irony is heavy here as I am awake on a school night, writing without pause.


I believe in the summer.

I believe in getting married in June.

I believe in taking my three technology courses for my job, in June.


Once July rolls around, as it inevitably will; maybe that will be the propitious moment to dive into my “Great American Novel”.


Something in me will shrivel, like that raisin in the sun, if not.

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