My Mom


My mom is retired.  Therefore she has time to help me out at the elementary library where I work.  She helps on my heavy day when I need another person to keep things in check.  For this I owe her, forever.


My mom exercises.  She has days she calls “trips”, for triplicate workouts.  So she’ll run in the morning, play tennis after that, and do yoga later on.  Sometimes she’ll make it “quads”, and lift weights after yoga.  For this I admire her, and, yes, also envy her her ambition.


My mom reads.  I think I read because of her, in part.  It is great to have a deep conversation about a book we both just read, or share that, for instance, I couldn’t finish a certain book because it was too intense.  Funny, she usually will still finish them.  She’s more brave than I when it comes to tough fiction.


That I love my mom, is a given.  That she is my best friend, is not.  But she is.  My best friend.

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