“Alles ist gut”


I had a friend at the university from which I graduated, Truman State University, which was called Northeast Missouri State University when I attended.  We would go out to eat a lot.  Whenever the wait staff would check on us, he would never fail to say, “Alles ist gut.”  His urge to say this to them came from his tour of duty in Germany.  He didn’t learn the language while there, but he did learn some key terms.


Since I had taken four years of High School German, I felt comforted and entertained by his assurances to the wait staff, though they often looked twice at him like he was crazy.


Since I went to two universities, after having dropped out of the first one, University of Chicago, I made friends for a temporary time.  I did not make forever friends.  Remembering my friend from TSU, and his idiosyncrasies, gives me comfort, and sadness.  His friendship colored my time at this university.  I miss him and wonder about him often, too.


It sometimes makes me feel displaced, to remember temporary friends that I know I will never probably see or know again.  I suppose I could look up some of my university friends through Google, but something in me shies from that, despite the sadness of missing them.    But I have to say, even with the sadness, “Alles ist gut.”

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