Silence is golden?


To explain my probable general silence on this blog for the month of June: I’m really endeavoring to improve my Technology skills—I’m taking an online “iPads in the classroom” class this June.  So I am constantly checking the Discussion Board and trying to do the assignments.


Also, all last minute preparations are happening for my pending HUGE EVENT in my life: my marriage to the man I love.  I’m trying to keep the mindset that it will be a great party – and to not STRESS too much.


Also, since school finally ended – we had to make up extreme weather days til June 6, 2014!  That last week stretched out mercilessly.


Needless to say, now I have more “day-time” time now—and I’m going to “pick up” tennis again.  I played high school and college tennis, and some here and there post-college.  But it’s been awhile.  Hopefully I won’t look too foolish.


So please bear with me as I approach this month of June with both trepidation and joy.

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