Quality Literature All Round


I am reading much Haruki Murakami of late.

I lucked out, and got his new one at the library: The colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage. I intend to read that soon.

I couldn’t make it through Kafka on the shore.

But I loved After dark.

I hope to finish Wind-up bird chronicle, my current endeavor.

It all started with a book club that was studying his writing form, in the book Kafka on the shore. I bailed. But yet, I was intrigued and felt challenged to try again.

Having this quest is beset by a slight guiltiness: I HAD signed up for a course online about “What’s New in Children’s Books.” I decided I didn’t have the time to do it, so I dropped it. However I am using all my favorite books from the class to teach my enrichment classes. I am surrounded by really quality literature all around; during the day, and at night.

At night, as I read my own thing, and at school, as I read what I could have been taking a class on; I instead am just using the book list for great teaching suggestions.

I am very impressed with Murakami. He presents an altered universe, one which I sometimes find myself wanting to know more about.

Surrounded by good literature

Surrounded by good literature

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