I was driving away from the Y this morning, and “Do that to me one more time” came on Sirius. I sang that song for my voice teacher as a high schooler. Today I thought the memory of that cohered well with how I felt. I felt like I wanted to do Body Pump LOTS more times! I don’t at this time belong to the Y. However, my mom does, and she gave me a guest pass to try this awesome class. I really would like to do Body Pump a lot more. It uses weights to condition your body. Combined with the stretching and the cardio, this is truly the gem of a class. I will have to talk to my husband about finances.

I will play pickle ball tomorrow for a couple hours, and then do a cardio class at mom’s tennis club. I am loving this!

Exercise is so freeing. I feel more solid about myself. More confident. A 360 change from where I was at the end of November.

This is a case where exercise offers “good” change. And I intend to continue any which way I can!!!!

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