the experiment


It’s Saturday night and I love the feeling of being buttressed by Friday and Sunday. A freedom exists in the middle of these two days where I can recoup Friday’s excess.  Sunday is a little painful in its proximity to Monday. So. Saturday is the winning day in my mind.

I have to present myself to someone and I have no idea how I will seem. This person’s impression of me will effect my future quite dramatically. I’ve been practicing in my head what I’ll say. I, of course, have written exactly what I want to say. Complete with a stunning metaphor. Schrodinger’s cat. I had to check Google first to make sure I had my comparison correct.

I will remain nebulous about this event in my life. Maybe I’ll be a different person if it all goes well. Undoubtedly, I will be as transparently opaque as always.

I really love the concept of Schrodinger’s cat. My contention is that regardless of the results of the experiment, the cat exists.

And, regardless of the meeting’s result, I will be all right.

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