Five lives:



Volunteer in library


Student toward PhD

I am given actual props

Toward these dreams in my life

And I know

The more research I do into them

The better chance I have

At contributing to the world scheme

I am amazed by what I think

“writing as survival”

“work on editing!”

“learn how to publish”

I did not know I had such concrete

Thoughts about the craft of writing

Until this hour and more long conversation

With a professional who knew how to

Draw me out

My steps toward healing

After a profoundly painful time

That led me to resign my very first

Foray into the work world are continuing….

Now I want to investigate

New ways to rejoin

Just as a bruise slowly

Dissolves into the background

Of my skin

So too does my healing

Blend into my newfound life

I cannot wait to find out:

What will I be when I grow up?

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