International Poetry: sharing a great poem


I think sometimes that those who protest the most against God need Him the most.  Forgive my assumption, but it leads perfectly to a poem I found over these holidays.  It is a poem by Muhammad Al-Maghut, and I found it in a gem of a compilation: The ecco Anthology of International Poetry, ed. by Ilya Kaminsky and Susan Harris.

The Postman’s Fear

Prisoners everywhere

Send me all you have

Fears screams and boredom

Fisherman of all beaches

Send me all you have

Empty nets and seasickness

Peasants of every land

Send me all you have

Flowers rags

Mutilated breasts

Ripped-up bellies

And torn-out nails

To my address…any cafe

Any street in the world

I’m preparing a huge file

About human suffering

To present to God

Once it’s signed by the lips of the hungry

And the eyelids of those still waiting

You wretched everywhere

What I fear most is

God could be illiterate 

by Muhammad Al-Maghut

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