Piano lessons


She resented the piano lessons. They were required. As such, she did not practice. Except for one piece, Fur Elise. She loved that song. And any time she felt like making up a song, she would be on the piano. But to practice. She never did. And she always hoped her piano teacher could not tell. An unfulfilled wish!


One day, her mom was shopping for groceries, and the rest of her family was somewhere, she knew not. Regardless, she was home alone. She felt the strangeness of her loneliness. She felt like no one else knew what she felt or thought. It made her want to die.


So she tried. She sat on the recliner, and held her breath, for a long time. However, she kept taking breaths. Her exercise in suicide did not pan out, as her mother’s car started down the driveway. She knew she’d have to help with the groceries. But she felt a secret solidarity with herself. She had tried to leave the world that day. No one could take that away from her.

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