Happy blogging, always.


I will admit I like to spit out my heart.

But I will also admit that I thought last night that writing is like spitting words from your mouth, words that had been made into gum. I imagined trying to get the words out but them becoming too sticky.


I had/have it fixed in my mind that I want to write but unless I know what I’m doing (self-publishing??!! Arrgh) I tend to give up before I even start.


That’s not to totally put the kibosh on writing. But it adds a serious impediment.


I’ve been reading lots of independent author posts about their work on their books. My gosh, what work is involved. I’m not afraid of work, but I like to know what I’m doing first, and I feel like I may be just following the hand held in front of me and blindly walking the course.


Maybe I will chew the cud of my heart and maybe I won’t. Until then, I enjoy the blogging.


If you happen to be on tumblr, I am : superlillisamy.tumblr.com


Happy Blogging, always.

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