A Letter to:


Brief Introduction to “A Letter to:”

While I do not contest to divine the epistolary style of Lucie Brock-Broido, I am enjoying reading her poetry. I am inspired, to presume a letter of my own:

Dear Sir(s),

Ponder not my love of Things. I have it. Spend your time discouraging me? I will still want. Sales make a difference, of course.

I know, 100% is not spent when 40% of what I have is spent. No matter the sale. Believe me sir(s), I have the code.

Spend not your time trying to fix me. The day will come when I will find the end of my money. Much as the Grasshopper greeted Winter after playing all the Spring, Summer and Fall long. Both the Grasshopper and I will get our come-uppance.

Ultimately your worries over money spent will cease.

I know not when I will stop pining away for that which I have not got.

Hopelessly yours,

The Spender

2 thoughts on “A Letter to:

  1. i can’t help feeling, Amy, this may be tongue in cheek; i enjoy the dry understated humour..subtle.
    Thank you for sharing this.

    Best wishes


  2. my subtlety is rarely perceived-I agree I may be hyperbolic!

    Discerning words, John, thanks for the close reading!
    Warm regards


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