Memory Machine


memory haunts

just a hint
of time-past
can cause a decision
unlike any other

because of that slip
of thought
which touched on
a moment
long ago

why allow
memory the power.

but with this
human brain
I have
I cannot avoid
the tincture
even boredom
in a Math Class
on a rainy day
in Seventh Grade
Catholic School

I cannot overlook
the boyfriend in high school
who listened
to me,
on the phone,
through all hours
of the night

the boredom
the bonding…
from banal to wondrous!

I cannot shut down the
memory machine.

So I sink
into the future,
decision made;
from some fragment
of memory
that I cannot lose

2 thoughts on “Memory Machine

  1. My grandmother used to say memory was both a blessing and a curse and she may well have been right..i like to think of it as a blessing but then..
    Thank You for this thoughtful work, Amy.

    Best to You


  2. John, I like your grandmother’s sentiment. How is it what our grandparents say cleave to the soul? Memory can be good, and better to befriend it, no?
    Thank you,


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