Writing Myself


I just realized last night:
For some time in my
past, everything I
wrote became who I was.

I was writing my life.

I would fret over this flaw
and that exchange.

My take on it, my
writing about it, became my

I was becoming the girl whose words
were tattooed onto her skin, soon
careening into a mottled mess.

I write about this realization because
NOW I know I have freedom
to write as many versions of my
reality as I want.

I’m not writing myself.

2 thoughts on “Writing Myself

  1. It’s inevitable i believe that at some point or stage we all write ourselves in some way, it’s part of becoming and growing.
    Amy, this is a fine evaluation, fine in its style, thought and honesty.

    Best to You


    • Thanks, John,
      I value your insight and agree.
      With writing, like anything else, I just hope I don’t regress to that state! Oh well, life is always two steps forward one step back;)
      My best to you, Amy

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