What is the form for poetry that works (for me, especially)?

I’m all for epiphany type writing, where I am basically riffing on the strength of my message which is usually based on personal experience and raw feeling.

But I admire a certain restraint, a certain cadence, a certain surprise, all of which seems rehearsed. As in practiced and edited wildly.

I notice this in poetry that resonates with me.

I read Margaret Atwood’s tips to the writer tonight.

She explained person A will hate the writing that person B loves.


Aside from this salient point, I notice that to some degree, visuals can make or break your blog.

And then I have the question: do I just blog? Or should I save some writings on the side, intended for publication only? I tend to want to blog everything. I find this a real quandary.

If there are thoughts on these meanderings I would welcome them.

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