As one year follows two


As one year follows two
So shall my love for you

I never thought I’d find true love
In a place that rejected me

In a place I had to leave

But we met in this nefarious place
And I will never regret what I learned there

Because I would never know enough
About you without my library experience in that school

You, who are a teacher extraordinaire, I know
Because I’ve seen you make a difference in the students’ reading scores
and more importantly their happiness

You care

I care more for you each day
As I learn your ways

I never thought I would find a “vegetable” love
One that grows and fulfills

Yet I’ve made a fence with you
Gone to obedience class for our Labradoodle Maddie with you
(not that it really worked?)
We’ve made huge joint decisions
About my life style
And I look forward to growing and changing
With you

You are my leg
For you I stand

You are my arm
For you I write

You are my heart
For you I love

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