the widow


She sought the best shells she could find. Every day she would walk the 1 or so miles to the sea. Although she walked on mostly flat land, toward the end of the hike, it was not easy, because she had to climb quite a distance down, to get to the sea; and quite a distance back up, to get back to the house.

The rush and roll of the sea modulated her, especially when she thought of her older brother’s frustrations with her.

She stood, looking out at the cloudy skies.

Unless the weather was really bad, this is Cadence’s daily joy.

Meanwhile, her brother was trying to figure out what they would eat that night.

He was in town, haggling with the sellers. He had just so much, until he was paid for his work on another’s farm.

Gawain missed his dad. His mom had died shortly after Cadence’s birth, so he did not miss her; rather he bereaved her.

But John, his father, left them.

Gawain knew his absence was not his fault. He felt that his dad John loved his mother Mary so much, that John could not be around children that reminded him of her daily.

Cadence did not know the monotony of days would be broken by her fall, going back up the steep climb to go home. But indeed she did plummet, back to the unforgiving sand. Luckily Gawain knew where she would be, so she just hoped he would come looking for her sooner than later.

The widow that lived close to them, though “close” in the country could mean 40 miles’ distance between cottages, was on the beach when she saw Cadence fall.

She immediately dropped the shells she had been collecting, and rushed to help.

Cadence had broken her leg. It was quite obvious from the turn her knee took.

“I will run to get Gawain, Cadence.” Said the widow Cragg.

Cadence, tears rolling, nodded slightly.

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