Opaque vs transparent


In writing poems for this blog I have been purposely opaque. A strange word to use, but it seems the only one that truly describes my writing at this time. I write around issues of my life in an effort to minimize those very issues.

However, I am inspired by Jenny Lawson, the Bloggess, who shares her problems and yet is still very likable. I have read some of Furiously Happy (not done yet, I’m taking it in small doses).

I have not laughed til I cried in so long when reading a book, yet I did twice, so far (hence the small doses) while reading Furiously Happy.

I am very impressed that she writes, with all the many problems she faces.

I do not tend to want to share the deepest details of my life, unlike her.

I like having poems that challenge me to write better, edit a lot, and push my abilities.

However, I feel I could take a cue from Jenny Lawson, too.

So if you happen to stumble across this blog and find me actually sharing more deeply from my life, you may be surprised as me!

**Picture courtesy Pinterest

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