I compared my last pic from my last haircut. I think my chin is more doubly. Doubly is not a word, however, how to express that I see more chin under my chin?

I ate well today. Smart. So I have to start from there. Start from the fact that I at least treaded 2 miles today. Maybe I’ll do more with my husband when he gets home.

I had the most exciting meal, straight from Jewel, our supermarket. I bought miso salad and roasted cauliflower tikki masala. Wow. I felt really virtuous eating those meals prepped by Jewel’s super chefs! All is good!

I came to some internal decisions today, I believe. I was really worried about how to continue with my blog. I am leaving it as my secondary go to. I want to write a poem, an epic one. On my own, and save it for publishing, possibly. Big ideas, but I have to start somewhere.

Listening to Adele. I like her album. I love Apple Music. The choices for good listening are fathomless.

In the New Year, I find new challenges. My husband has thrown the gauntlet for some more pounds for me to shed. I like the reward—more sessions with my prior personal trainer. I also have thrown the gauntlet with the goal of producing some really good work both on and off blog.

It’s the 7th, but I feel like I am slowly becoming more aware of the chance for changes and good resolutions. Let there be good transformation!

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