a better time


She avoided her past
Bringing it up was like
Pressing a bruise; it always
Was there, and always hurt.

She lived in the jealous present.
She knew her time in the
Prior summer of no episodes
Was highly unusual and to be appreciated.

Once her time was again devoted
To professionals prying into her brain, she
Again succumbed to many episodes.
She feared she was getting worse.

Usually her loved ones gave her
Succor; she found herself struggling
To accept the present as the gift
It was. Her moods swung greatly, inside.

The Winter lagged on, and her
Joie de vivre faltered. Would a warmer,
More hospitable season help her? It was hard to think
That far ahead; to imagine a better time.

One thought on “a better time

  1. Poignant! This strongly reminds me of a loved one I hold dear. I too suffer with chronic depression and can relate in my own way. Thank you for sharing.

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