Goodreads challenge!


I committed to reading 200 books on Goodreads this year. I love the goodreads monthly newsletters and also other places on tumblr and New York Times, and twitter, and BookPeople’s Blog, and…. Any place I can find information on good books, I am enthused!

So my list began with Noise of Time, by Julian Barnes; Census Taker, by China Mieville; When breath becomes air, by Paul Kalanithi, and Ghosts of Heaven, by Marcus Sedgewick—all books I was able to get at our local library. Memory of Light, by Francisco Stork, and American Ace, by Marilyn Nelson, I have not yet gotten.

While I wait for some books to come in to the library, I have been reading a lot of Kazuo Ishiguro, and also Colum McCann. I find that I have to take my time with them because some of the subject matter is depressing to me, so I have to wait til the next day when I am refreshed and ready to take on a story, for example, like Zoli, by McCann, which has some graphic war situations.

I am hoping I can achieve the 200 book level. However, I am realistic.

If anyone has any great suggestions, please comment! I am always on the lookout for a good author/book!!!

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