What makes a friend?


Though you could ask me what a good friend is, I couldn’t claim to be a good friend to many. So I have less authority than some. However, I give my best love to a very few people, and that is all I know about being a good friend. How do I give my best love? What do I do? What is the rationale? These are all good questions, which would undoubtedly spur from being a good friend. Some of the very few, in fact!

In giving my best love, that often means I am treating myself the best I can. This sounds like a contradiction, but to me, if I am making myself the best person I can, then I can serve my best loves the best. However, very key is to be aware of what your best loves need. If you think they need you to do some special task that you would not normally do, like go to a basket ball game, then do it! You want to be with your friend in ways that will make your friend happy! Basically I try to be very aware of what my best love is doing, how he is feeling, and adjust accordingly. There are times, of course, when I am very down, and cannot be extremely receptive to my best love. In those cases, I have found myself lucky enough to have a love that will accept me when I am not my best self.

In sum, being the best person you can be, and being receptive to your best friend, are two stunning ways to have a worthwhile, even successful, relationship.

5 thoughts on “What makes a friend?

  1. Very . I guess i have few who are friends, maybe none. It takes a lot.

    • Sometimes it is overwhelming, how much energy it takes. But I find a great reward in feeling understood by another.

      • Yes definitely and you deserve nothing less♡♡♡

  2. I struggle daily, Aquileana, I will be honest. But thank you for the compliment. I just share what I aspire toward :))

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