Med check!


I am looking forward to having a new psychiatrist, and possibly therapist; but I am also in an adjustment phase, medically— specifically, medicinally. This so far has created havoc in me. I wrote the following during some of the worst of my phase. I hold on to each day: appreciating the good ones, and taking a deep breath over the difficult ones.


As I lay cadaver-
The world swirls about me

I fight my swings of
Up and down by
Giving in,
Closing up,
Watching the world as if

If I reacted
I’d be in a miasma
Of tears, confusion,

So I deaden myself


10 years

of hospital hopping

I can spew out chapter and verse
Without even thinking

I hate to go back,
Even in my brain

I go back.
I hold pain of tears and
Sadness churning
Near my heart

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