symbiotic relationship


Everything really askew


Unlike abject normalcy


Never maneuvered into the easy


Always discombobulated at the difficult


Maybe someone would find my life easy


But I contend that that someone will never be me!




I think about a bridge


And the gaps between the boards making it


I think about the give of the bridge


This old-fashioned crickety image I have


Harbors in me a resilience




Because I know that I need the old, forgiving, and yes, even


Dangerous bridge to make my journey right


It fits me well—the spaces.


I know I could fall


Sometimes I don’t look, though;


I know this bridge well.




I accept its existence as it leans into mine.



2 thoughts on “symbiotic relationship

  1. Amy
    i like this very much, very much indeed.
    Those five lines beginning with

    I think about a bridge

    are tremendous, outstanding


    Big hugs


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