Infected with the pursuit of 20,000 steps


getting going seems to be the secret.  once the spirit of the mood is active, then I’m more positively inclined to do, to move.

if I lay back down, then I am done.

I may not interact with society until late in the morning.

having no boundaries on my time does not imply happiness and freedom.  instead, the loose, haphazard manner in which I find myself is fully depressing.

so, my Garmin watch actually buzzes on my wrist, to “Move”.  it gives me daily step goals. I love it.  my husband and I, both Garmin users, are infected with the pursuit of 20,000 step days.  admittedly, we are both just as happy to achieve 10,000 steps in a day.

but lower than that, and I feel like I could be a sloth.  (which actually, would not be entirely a bad thing, if looked at in a certain way).  at any rate, my self-hatred and guilt rules me.

so, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to stepping I go!


*Picture taken by author (me) at the Hennepin Canal, in Illinois



I compared my last pic from my last haircut. I think my chin is more doubly. Doubly is not a word, however, how to express that I see more chin under my chin?

I ate well today. Smart. So I have to start from there. Start from the fact that I at least treaded 2 miles today. Maybe I’ll do more with my husband when he gets home.

I had the most exciting meal, straight from Jewel, our supermarket. I bought miso salad and roasted cauliflower tikki masala. Wow. I felt really virtuous eating those meals prepped by Jewel’s super chefs! All is good!

I came to some internal decisions today, I believe. I was really worried about how to continue with my blog. I am leaving it as my secondary go to. I want to write a poem, an epic one. On my own, and save it for publishing, possibly. Big ideas, but I have to start somewhere.

Listening to Adele. I like her album. I love Apple Music. The choices for good listening are fathomless.

In the New Year, I find new challenges. My husband has thrown the gauntlet for some more pounds for me to shed. I like the reward—more sessions with my prior personal trainer. I also have thrown the gauntlet with the goal of producing some really good work both on and off blog.

It’s the 7th, but I feel like I am slowly becoming more aware of the chance for changes and good resolutions. Let there be good transformation!



posture is so pure
I walk
Meandering into my mind
Somewhat aware of what
Cracks to avoid

And then

As my personal trainer
Throw your shoulders back
Tighten your gut
Straighten your head

I try

The gut part
Always :
A fail


When I run,
My posture comes to me

It is with walking
That I forget.

Sweet forgetfulness.

exercise vs. writing


I have been investing my time in tennis as of late: Tennis and personal training with a great trainer who is pushing me in the right direction. However today, I hit the wall with pains in my arms from weight lifting too much on them. And who said too much of a good thing is never enough???

So I couldn’t play tennis today, but I will be back at it tomorrow, I sincerely hope.

I find it difficult unfortunately to seek the muse of writing while I am so into exercise.

It is true; that to everything there is a season, and I will hope to find the season of writing poetry sooner than later.



cold bracing wind
rips largely into my chest

I find fortitude in clean crisp pain
Pummeling me into more

miles I need to clock

as sun similarly sears into my skin
I face the potential of cancer daily
much scarier than any
cold I encounter

but there are the miles I
need to clock

snow wind sun sweat
I challenge myself to walk.



I was driving away from the Y this morning, and “Do that to me one more time” came on Sirius. I sang that song for my voice teacher as a high schooler. Today I thought the memory of that cohered well with how I felt. I felt like I wanted to do Body Pump LOTS more times! I don’t at this time belong to the Y. However, my mom does, and she gave me a guest pass to try this awesome class. I really would like to do Body Pump a lot more. It uses weights to condition your body. Combined with the stretching and the cardio, this is truly the gem of a class. I will have to talk to my husband about finances.

I will play pickle ball tomorrow for a couple hours, and then do a cardio class at mom’s tennis club. I am loving this!

Exercise is so freeing. I feel more solid about myself. More confident. A 360 change from where I was at the end of November.

This is a case where exercise offers “good” change. And I intend to continue any which way I can!!!!