Simplicity of tomatoes


My husband likes to joke. I usually get his jokes, so it works out great for everyone. In this poem my husband created, Steve makes a seemingly simple interaction with a neighbor as more than what it is at surface level. During the summer, our neighbor shares his garden-spun tomatoes with us. This act of giving has become a custom that Steve and I both appreciate. In the following poem Steve describes it with a different brush:


He flirts with her
Over the fence.
Usually with a tomato
Or his octogenarian common sense.


I tease that
He’s her boy friend.
She blushes and spouts
“Oh, I would never even pretend.”


“Don’t worry my love,
about a single thing.”
“As you can see,
I wear your magic ring!”


Oh God, thank you
For this love of my life.
I can rest assured
No one will ever steal my wife.



Guest Post from husband, Steve Blair

Maddie is our beautiful labradoodle
More poodle than lab
When she goes for her grooming
We always say; no poodle cut please
Sherry was great but she left Almost Home Grooming
That left Tiffany; she didn’t listen closely
Maddie came home last week with a fluffy tail.

Maddie has decided her new look
Inclines her to the circus life
Her new name is Clementine
And she travels the country
As a hoop jumping dog.
We miss her, but you can’t stand in
The way of your child’s happiness.

by: Steve Blair, shared by his wife, Amy, on their 9 month’s anniversary of happiness.