Simplicity of tomatoes


My husband likes to joke. I usually get his jokes, so it works out great for everyone. In this poem my husband created, Steve makes a seemingly simple interaction with a neighbor as more than what it is at surface level. During the summer, our neighbor shares his garden-spun tomatoes with us. This act of giving has become a custom that Steve and I both appreciate. In the following poem Steve describes it with a different brush:


He flirts with her
Over the fence.
Usually with a tomato
Or his octogenarian common sense.


I tease that
He’s her boy friend.
She blushes and spouts
“Oh, I would never even pretend.”


“Don’t worry my love,
about a single thing.”
“As you can see,
I wear your magic ring!”


Oh God, thank you
For this love of my life.
I can rest assured
No one will ever steal my wife.